SPT – weighing stacker pallet truck

Most electric pallet trucks may easily go through a weighing adaptation process.

The weighing system is destined to be robust and work in hard conditions.

It will not change the capacity of the truck and will not harm its functionality.

It will only make your process more precise


The SPT makes it possible to work with the stacker pallet truck as usual.The difference is, that at the same time performance is upgraded by the system’s weighing feature.

In other words: 2 systems in one product: A stacker pallet truck and a weighing system.

The fantastic outcome is:
Mobile weighing while lifting!

When lifting a pallet or container, one knows immediately its weight. It makes life easy at verifying suppliers packing lists, or, preparing packing lists for customers. It helps shorten storage process time as well as manufacturing process time. It may help avoiding overloading of transporting vehicle.
Considering the 0.1% accuracy , the system optimizes each process , saving costs and enabling to cancel the use of other static/fixed existing scales.



weighing stacker pallet truck
weighing stacker pallet truck with user