Shkila was founded on 1983. Until 31.12.96 shkila operated in Herzlia. On 01.01.97 the company moved into its new plant in Caesarea.

Shkila is considered a leading manufacturer of electronic & computerized scales and weighing systems for agricultural, industrial and medical applications. As these are the target customers, their need for both massive and friendly systems is the basis for Shkilas’ products. The products may work in tough environments such as dirt, noise, humidity, fat, over loading, vibrations, etc. Shkila develops, designs and manufactures its products, which range from standard scales to entire tailor-made projects.


Bench scales, platfrom scales, truck scales, silo weighing, dosing systems, scales connected to computers or controllers, semi automatic packaging systems, scales for fluids, hospital\medical scales, livestock scales (sheep, cattle, pigs), including a special livestock software which enables a weighing period of 2-7 seconds. Weighing times are reduced by 50% due to the rapid response of the readout.   Alongside the weighing-systems-manufacturing, shkila invested in “tailor made” softwares. Those softwares either accompanied the scales, or were sold as such.   A very good and successful example is the manufacturing management  dosing system. The innovation about this system is that it works on PC only – and on any PC (!!!).

The software is already working in many plants for several years, and has proven to be the best of its kind, for very many reasons:

  • Hardware maintenance not dependant on software supplier
  • Software maintenance through modem (in any part of the world)
  • Easy to upgrade
  • Stores and elaborates the entire plant data
  • Flexible
  • Easily adapted in any plant
  • Maybe translated/written in any language
  • Perfectly working under Dos and Windows
  • Reduces costs
  • User friendly
  • Accurate information
  • Perfect repetability
  • Quick in response
  • Avoids material waste/loss
  • Uptodate information
  • A variety of plants applications

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information, we will be only glad to answer and help.