Forklift Scale

Our forklift weighing solutions change your forklift into a mobile scale.

We offer both revolutionary, weigh-on-demand, Slide&Weigh slide-on-forks solutions in which you just need to slide in when you need to weigh, weigh what you want, and slide out to keep working as usual.
The Slide&Weigh lets you use the forklift as usual and use the scale when needed only.

another option we offer is the standard weighing forks.

we deliver weighing forks that replace the original forks of the forklift, the new forks will show you the weight you are lifting with a 1 Kg readout and 0.1% accuracy from the applied weight.
Our weighing forks are very easy to install and user-friendly.
Our weighing forks are available in all standard fork sizes.
take a look at our weighing solutions for forklifts and contact us for more info… 

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