Our forklift weighing solutions changes your forklift into a mobile scale.

we deliver a weighing forks that replaces the original forks of the forklift, the new forks will show you the weight your lifting with an 1 Kg readout and 0.1% accuracy from applid weight.

Our weighing forks are very easy to install and user frendly.

Our weighing forks are available in all standard forks sizes.

take a look at our weighing solutions for forklift and contact us for more info… 



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EASi FORKS – Wireless Weighing Forks

The friendly option of instant installation and immediate information!!!

The EASi Forks have a great advantage:  its FLEXIBILITY.
It  is easily installed and easily removed/reinstalled .
Any fork lift truck is suitable to be upgraded with the EASi Forks. 

IWF- independent weighing forks

LOGIWEIGH IWF- independent weighing forks – turns each fork lift truck into a mobile weighing system!

A great advantage is its flexibility as the IWF may be easily removed and reinstalled in another fork lift truck. No need for new fork lift truck – the existing one will do.