EASi FORKS – Wireless Weighing Forks

The friendly option of instant installation and immediate information!!!

The EASi Forks have a great advantage:  its FLEXIBILITY.
It  is easily installed and easily removed/reinstalled .
Any fork lift truck is suitable to be upgraded with the EASi Forks. 


The LOGIWEIGH EASi FORKS may be applied on any fork lift truck Upgrades each fork-lift –truck into a weighing mobile system. Easy to install – no cabling. Easy to weigh – done while lifting Easy to work with – lift and weigh Easy to communicate – WIRELESS.. No cabling between forks and indicator. Ideally saves space and time = costs. The forks are free of vulnerable components (such as batteries or chargers). The fantastic outcome is robust mobile weighing while lifting!! When lifting a pallet or container, one knows immediately its weight. It makes life easy at verifying suppliers packing lists, or, preparing packing lists for customers. It helps shorten storage process time as well as manufacturing process time. It may help avoiding overloading of transporting vehicle. Impressive accuracy of 0.1% of applied weight. The system optimizes each process , saving costs while cancelling the dependence in static/fixed existing scales.


Indicator Onboard

Weighing Forks


  • Preventing overload in transports
  • Inspection over supplied or outgoing goods.
  • Huge time saving
  • Lessening  traffic  in warehouses.
  • Improving stock management

How does it happen?

1. Logiweigh supplies you with new forks to fit your fork lift truck 2. The weighing system is built into the supplied forks. 3. The new forks look like the non weighing ones. 4. The  EASi FORKS are connected to a rechargeable battery 5. The charger is installed in the system. 6. The indicator is freely installed according to specific needs.  . 7. No special  people or tools needed  for installation. 8. No special people or tools need for installation. 9. No need to calibrate after installation. 10. Removing and reinstalling once and again – easy . 11. Do not worry – the weighing forks are 300% overload protected.


  • Capacity: 2500 Kg
  • Optional capacity: 5000 Kg.
  • All sizes
  • Accuracy of 0.1%
  • Tare memory
  • WIFI communication
  • Bluetooth connection